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The best mold remover for your home or business

We use hydrogen peroxide to clean up mold and improve your indoor air quality.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the World’s Safest Sanitizer, leaving behind no harmful or toxic chemicals and residue, just air and water vapor.

After years of detailed indoor air quality assessments throughout Northern B.C., we can confidently say that mold is never a good thing. Getting a proper assessment is important, but that doesn’t mean proper mold removal and improving your indoor air quality has to be complicated or expensive.

There is a better, safer, more cost-effective way to evict mold.

How to Get Rid of Mold

At PeroxiClean, we understand every home is different, and we have a few different ways to purify a home. Getting rid of mold is serious business, and rest assured PeroxiClean can remove mold, mold spores, and improve indoor air quality.

We can treat your home or building without harsh chemicals or fungicides that leave a toxic residue through the use of:

  • Sporicidal H202 Fog
  • H202 Foam
  • Hydroxyl
  • Ozone Treatment

For more information on the services we provide to eliminate mold and how we use hydrogen peroxide, click here.

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Client Testimonial

Terry explained the Peroxiclean process beforehand and assured us it would completely sanitize and renew our large attic which had become darkened and stained over the years. He and his worker protected other areas with plastic, finished the job within the time expected and cleaned up thoroughly. The attic is completely clean and the wood looks like new. Excellent service and a guarantee.

- I.T., Terrace, BC

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Household Mold Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Getting rid of mold and improving a home’s indoor air quality couldn’t be easier. All it takes is one call to get rid of household mold or mold in the workplace. In fact, our methods often only need to be applied once to see results. The best part is that you never have to worry about having to use harsh chemicals for sanitizing and deodorizing a home, job site, or business!

PeroxiClean is the right choice for mold cleanup. Give us a call today!

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