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Hydrogen Peroxide Foam & Fog

Safe And Effective Mold Cleanup

Moldy lumber and mold growth onsite isn’t good for business

During construction, your building project is open to the elements. Moist dark crawlspaces and basements are perfect mold and spore growth incubation areas. In fact, any organic material is food for mold including wood and airborne dust. This is why you will find mold growing anywhere moisture is present!

While it may not be practical to think about mold cleanup during the framing stage, it’s a necessity at lock up. Mold growth can scare off clients, and prospective customers, or even damage your reputation in the future. That’s because childhood asthma has been linked to indoor mold, and even resulted in lawsuits against the building contractor for millions.

This is where PeroxiClean can help. Our hydrogen peroxide solution destroys all mold spores and any other harmful microbiology that could affect your project.

H2O2 foam and H202 Fog are exclusive products formulated to lift stains and buildup caused by mold and stops it from growing and spreading. It simplifies the process of mold cleanup and is very effective on wood, plastic, concrete and other surfaces.

Why We Use Hydrogen Peroxide

  • To kill mold on walls and mold in crawlspaces
  • Remove mold from ceilings and mold on drywall
  • H202 Fog dissipates in as little as 10 minutes
Mold on Wood

Mold In Crawlspaces

Due to our Canadian climate, mold in crawlspaces and attics are very common. Mold spores enter an attic or crawlspace through ventilation and accumulate over time. These areas are naturally subject to condensation due to thermal differences and humidity levels. Anything organic is food for mold, especially wood.

Mold Cleanup Made Easy

Our hydrogen peroxide solution uses foam and fog combined with a copper ion inhibitor to naturally clean, bleach, and sterilize your surfaces back to new and prevent mold regrowth.

By using this hydrogen peroxide solution, we can remove mold from ceilings and mold on drywall. Best of all, it’s great for attacking and killing mold on wood without destroying or compromising the integrity of the piece of wood itself. Plus, our hydrogen peroxide solution whitens the appearance of wood, making it look just like new when the mold cleanup is all done. This makes it perfect if you come across mold while on the job and need help fast.

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